Driver / Transportation Logistics

Our knowledge and expertise will save you and your company considerable investment, time, and frustration helping you increase bottom line goals.
With Advantage Group as a partner, distribution executives can focus on their primary business, knowing that Advantage Group is handling the rest.
Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed as reflected in our Driver Service package:

  • Recruiting, screening, selection
  • Road Testing of Candidates where required
  • On Going Training and Development
  • Tailored training programs
  • Driver Profiles
  • Continued supply of quality drivers
  • On-site/Off Site management services
  • Incentive programs tailored to core goals
  • Workers' compensation claims management with full time Health and Safety Specialists
  • Modified work programs
  • Update knowledge of Legislative and regulatory expertise

Other Transportation Logistics Services include:

  • Warehouse Management Services
  • Load Planning
  • Dispatch Services
  • Accident Investigation (warehouse/on-road)
  • Fuel Saving Initiatives
  • Equipment Optimization

We ARE the solution to your transportation and logistics personnel requirements

If you have an open position or want more information, please complete our Job Profile form or contact one of our branch offices.