Light Industrial

With the Advantage Group Light Industrial Services, your costs and flexibility improve as we provide staff to supplement or replace employees in your plant or warehouse. For busy seasons, vacations, absenteeism or long term strategic out-sourcing, Advantage provides qualified staff.
The benefits of Advantage´s Light Industrial Services are:

  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Short term replacement while employees are absent due to vacation or illness
  • Supplementing your work force when there are peak work requirements
  • Contract out-sourcing to replace your employees with ours, reducing your liability and management time longer-term.

Qualified Staff

Guaranteed thorough screening of all staff, Advantage training even adds unique skills when required. We offer qualified and available people for:

  • warehouse
  • skilled trades
  • maintenance
  • production
  • manufacturing
  • fork lifts
  • dispatchers
  • billing clerks


  • Consistent employee quality
  • Elimination of WCB claims and exposure
  • Reduced recruiting, training and payroll costs
  • Statutory obligations administered and paid by Advantage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Management freed to focus on results – not employees

Lower operating costs by staffing for just your base requirements – with an “Advantage Net” when employees are away or you need extra help.

With the Advantage Group out-sourcing, you can focus on your core business and leave all staffing responsibilities to us over the long term.