The Advantage Group strives to govern itself in a manner that protects the interests, and health and safety of all stakeholders in the organization, including employees, staff, clients, the general public and communities and the environment.

Recognizing this intent, the Advantage Group is committed to conduct all business in a manner that mitigates it´s potential impact on the environment and all associated resources. We will integrate functional business decisions that may have repercussions on the environment and/or its resources with the spirit and intent of this policy mandate.

Where such opportunities exist and are suitable, we will source out and choose providers, suppliers, partners and products that parallel the spirit of this policy and through these initiatives actively work within their business operations to mitigate their impact on the environment and its resources as our preferred business partners.

We will work towards environmental leadership within our industry by actively communicating, training, educating and encouraging environmental and climate awareness to our stakeholders. We will continually monitor and review this policy annually to ensure that we are meeting all relevant legislation and working towards climate and environment best practices, with a corporate push on promoting sustainable and renewable resources.

Our senior management will ensure that this policy remains at the forefront of these corporate objectives and that the necessary resources are afforded to continue this initiative.

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