THE ADVANTAGE GROUP expects its drivers to be loyal and will not tolerate words or acts of hostility towards the company, its officers, employees, equipment, or our Customers. Nor will we expect any criticism of the company other than through its supervisors. Our management welcomes constructive criticism at all times and invites its employees to make any suggestions which may result in an improvement of methods or communications, but again lets keep it internal.

  • Know and obey the rules of the Road
  • Pay strict attention to instructions given by your Dispatchers or Supervisors. Maintain effective scheduling and communications
  • Keep yourself and your unit clean & tidy
  • Use and maintain proper equipment and paperwork for the job your are doing
  • Maintain a safe, conscientious attitude toward your driving and personal habits
  • Lock and secure tractors when parked
  • Use double clutching (non-synchronized transmissions)
  • Use progressive shifting
  • Drive in curb lane (except for passing)
  • Always be courteous
  • Maintain proper vehicle spacing. Always use proper signals and warning flashers
  • Limit idling time to 3 minutes
  • Driver with CB radios should use them in a professional manner at all times and refrain from using profanities or discussing problems that exist in the Company over the airwaves. CB radios should only be used when it is safe to do so. You can’t drive defensively when chatting on the radio in traffic conditions.
  • Always remember or record people you have talked to for directions or instructions.
  • When reporting for work, remember to be rested and in good shape, be on time and be properly dressed
  • We need you to be punctual. If you are not here regularly or on time, some of your fellow workers must pick up the slack. This isn’t fair to them.

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