Welcome to Advantage Personnel, Employment and Staffing Services. For your convenience, we have put together this information to assist you in getting the most out of your assignments. if you have any questions, please contact your personnel consultant.



You will be contacted by a Personnel Consultant to determine your availability and/or interest in a specific assignment. Your Personnel Consultant will discuss the details of the assignment with you. You will be given a start date, and an end date. It is common for assignments to be extended. It is the expectation of Advantage Personnel that, upon acceptance of an assignment, you as our employee, will complete the assignment, including extensions. If for any reason you are unable to do so, please contact your Personnel Consultant immediately. Failure to do so will be considered job abandonment, and will result in termination immediately. Remember: You are an Advantage Personnel employee and if you have any problems what-so-ever i.e. going to be late for your assignment, are sick and have to leave, emergency, etc. you must contact the office and let us know.

It is expected that Advantage Personnel Temporary Employees report approximately 10 minutes early for their assignment. Before you begin an assignment, your Personnel Consultant will advise you on the Dress Code, Responsibilities and Expectations of the assignment, the hourly rate, and name and telephone number of your Supervisor. If the duties and responsibilities of your assignment change, or are different than those presented to you by your Personnel Consultant, please advise her/him immediately.


Hourly Rate

Your hourly rate and hours of work will be confirmed by your Personnel Consultant prior to each assignment.


Timesheets are provided to you by your Personnel Consultant at the time of your interview. If you require additional timesheets, please contact our office or drop by to pick some up. Timesheets must be filled out weekly. Only the hours actually worked are to be entered.

Lunch hours and breaks

Lunch hours and breaks are not paid, and should not be counted as hours worked. For example, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with one hour for lunch will be paid as 8 hours worked. Only timesheets that are signed and verified by an authorized Supervisor will be processed. Any changes in signing authority should be reported immediately to your Personnel Consultant at Advantage Personnel. It is the responsibility of each temporary employee to ensure the timesheets are completed accurately, signed by an authorized supervisor, and faxed to the Advantage Personnel office. Please ensure that the Canary Yellow copy is left with the signing authority, the pink copy is retained by yourself, and the white and pale yellow copies are mailed, or dropped off, to your Advantage Personnel Branch. Temporary and Contract employees are paid on Friday. You will be paid for the hours submitted from the previous week.

Fax your timesheet to your local branch by Monday at 9:00 a.m.. Timesheets received after the cut-off time will be processed the following week.

Direct Deposit

For your convenience, Advantage Personnel is offering “Direct Deposit” of your wages directly into your bank. To take advantage of this service, fill out the direct deposit from found in on our website (or a hard copy can be obtained from your branch), attach a “VOID” cheque, and fax to your local branch, or drop off at the branch.


Advantage Personnel offers our employees the opportunity to pick up your cheque at the Advantage Personnel Branch most convenient to you.


Advantage Personnel is a staffing service offering temporary employment assignments. Due to the nature of temporary employment, you will have complete discretion to elect to accept an assignment when requested to do so, and you may exercise this discretion without suffering any negative consequence or penalty.


Overtime is paid at a rate of time and a half is paid as per provincial employment guidelines. A working week is from Sunday to Saturday. However, overtime will only be paid when authorized, in advance, by the client.

Sick Leave/Vacation Leave

As an “elect to work” employee, you are paid only for the hours you have actually worked, and that have been verified by our client. In lieu of vacation time, you will accumulate 4% vacation pay. Your accumulated vacation pay can be requested at any time within the guidelines of our vacation time and pay policy.

Worker’s Compensation

As an employee of Advantage Personnel, you are covered under our Worker’s Compensation. All injuries or accidents must be reported to Advantage Personnel ASAP, no matter how minor in nature. We have an obligation with the board to report any injuries or accidents, we have in place a modified duties program to ensure employees are able to return to work as soon as possible.

Permanent Employment

Many of our Temporary Employees who accept long term assignments with Advantage Personnel are given the opportunity for permanent employment with our clients. Although we encourage this process, it would be inappropriate for you, as an Advantage Personnel employee, to solicit our client for such opportunities. In the event that you are approached by our client for permanent employment within their organization, please inform your Personnel Consultant.

Thank you for selecting Advantage Personnel as your employment agency of choice. We are very pleased to have you “on our team”, and look forward to a wonderful working relationship. Advantage Personnel has 11 Branch offices to serve you across Canada. If you should relocate, feel free to contact the office closed to you. Your file will be transferred to any of our locations.

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