Why Choose Advantage?

With over three decades of supporting client business needs, we are able to leverage our collective experiences, and help you achieve the results you are looking for in a staffing provider. As a full service provider, we have the ability to tailor our services to your business, and provide the one on one service that we have become known to provide. Whether you are looking for long term or short term help, assistance covering a leave, or want help with a direct hire placement, our company is well appointed to work with you to achieve your goals.

What we offer

The Advantage Group understands the impact of sourcing highly skilled and motivated team members and the resulting effect that has on the success and productivity of our clients. Our business advantage is we identify top performers in their chosen fields and match these top performers with companies where they will be successful. Understanding a client’s culture and style is imperative to finding employees who will be good matches for that workplace, and improve the success rate for all our placements.

We are successful to our clients because we follow these foundational elements during every business transaction:

  • Confidential Searches – We uphold the strictest of confidentiality in our client’s names and operational goals.

  • Honest / Open Communication – Our skilled staff will provide timely updates on all stages of our process.

  • Cross Canada locations – Strategically located in key cities from Ontario to Newfoundland.

  • Strong Financial Position – you do not have to worry about our company failing you as a business partner.
  • Over 3 Decades of Experience – long history of working with clients from all sizes, small clients to large multi-nationals.

  • Professional Ethics – as a longtime supporter of ACSESS, our company takes a yearly pledge to maintain professional ethics and services in the industry.

  • Legal Compliance – from employee remittances, to vacation pays, to Worker’s Compensation, rest assured that these items are being handled correctly by our company.

  • Open Door Policy – our clients have full opportunity to view our operations, and our practices at anytime

How it works

The Advantage Group’s clients are the lifeblood of our business, and it is one of the reasons we are so client focused in all our business routines. We view the relationship with clients as being something that needs to be understood and nurtured so that the mutual success of both companies can be obtained. In order to achieve this success, as a new client of The Advantage Group, this is what you can expect from us:

Whether our trained sales staff contacts you, or you contact our company, we work to understand what your needs are as our primary objective. Expect many questions from us as we try to understand how we can assist you in being successful.

Our business views this as a partnership, and we want to partner with companies that share our views legally, ethically, are financially responsible, and act safely. We have a client intake process that is fast, but comprehensive and completely transparent.

Once we both agree to a future partnership, we will refine our focus on what key roles you need. Together, we will develop a roadmap to make this transaction successful including developing compensation packages, specifics on role requirements, timelines and success metrics for the positions.

We will utilize our decades of experience to review our own internal database and well as sourcing external candidates for the roles we are working on. Candidates follow our industry leading recruitment, selection and onboarding techniques, and we will work with our client’s specific needs in order to select the top performers for these roles.

Once a candidate is placed at your company, our internal quality process continues for the entire time that candidate is working. We understand that our role is to continue to provide the support our client’s needs and to do everything in our power to help with placement success.

We are confident that once you see our process, and our success rates, you will want to use our services for your next employment need whether temporary or permanent. We strive to offer the same great service to all our clients, whether brand new, or one that has worked with us for decades.

Advantage Staffing Options


Looking to work in manufacturing and production plants? Offering roles in assembly, packing, machine operators, forklift, facility managers and many more.


Looking to be in an office? Offering roles in data entry, receptionist, clerical support, contact center, administrative assistance and many more.


Looking to work in the public sector? Offering roles within the provincial and federal government.


Looking to be out on the open road? Driving roles for Class 1(AZ), Class 3 (DZ), Class 5 (G) local, regional, and highway. In yard shunt and many more.

Health Care

Looking for work in the health care field? Join our team to work in private and public health care settings today.


Looking to work with technology? Servicing multiple industries in tech support roles, programmers, and IT Specialists.


Looking to work in Engineering? Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Mining and many other areas of engineering specialists.

Contact Center

Looking to work in the call center? Inbound, outbound, support roles entry level, supervisors, and managers.







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