Why Choose Advantage?

The Advantage Group has been successfully finding work for our associates for over three decades. Whether you are new to the labour force, looking for a career change, seeking summer employment or anything in between, we can help you find what you are looking for. We place people in temporary roles, part time, full time, contract, on call, in short term and long term roles. Our benefit to you is that we allow for flexibility from you from the beginning. Our extensive network of clients have employment needs that change all the time, and by working with The Advantage Group, you will have access to these hidden job opportunities that you will not see in the help wanted section.

There are no fees to you in any part of our process. We view our candidates as partners with us, and with this in mind, operate in a transparent fashion with you from the beginning.

Join the thousands and thousands of people whom we successfully place in working roles each year. Contact your local office today to find out more about how to get started working with us today.

How it works

The Advantage Group recognizes the impact of highly skilled and motivated team members and the importance that corporate culture has on productivity and over-all success. Our business is to identify top performers in their chosen fields, and to match the strongest candidates to organizations where they will thrive in.

The first time we speak, we will communicate with you to understand what it is you are looking for. We will explain what our company process is.  There is no pressure, and no cost to you for any of this.

If both parties agree to move forward, we will begin the process to onboard you to our consideration for employment stage. We will review with you the terms of our employment arrangement, and have you provide your information in a flexible manner.  Health and safety training and any testing that may be required will be completed.

We will perform a cursory review of the information you have provided, and proceed with an informational interview. We want to understand what your credentials are, what experience you have, and get an overall understanding what your goals are for employment opportunities.  You will have a chance to get to know our company processes, and ask any questions you may have.

After completion, our trained staffing professionals will review your information, mark any tests, perform any required reference checks and work with you for any required credentials.

If all the previous steps work out, and both parties agree to enter into the consideration for employment stage, we will activate you into our systems for work opportunities.

This arrangement is built upon open communication. We will communicate with you about open work opportunities if they are suitable to you, and you will communicate with us about your work availability in accordance with our work agreements.  Our goal is to find top talent for all our open positions at clients, and communication is key to making this happen.

When there is a job match that you are qualified for and are interested in, we will connect you with our client contacts.  Every client is unique, so the next steps could be starting work immediately, it could mean an interview with the client themselves, or it could mean more client specific training may be required.  As with all steps, open transparent communication is the key to our success.

When a work assignment is accepted, we expect that you show up for work on time each day, work within the client and our company health and safety rules, maintain required productivity levels and expectations, and keep communication open with our company regarding anything that is occurring in the workplace. Some of our work opportunities have defined beginning and end dates, and some work assignments may extend for longer terms, while even other’s may have the client hire you on directly.  The key is to do your best, remember you were selected from this opportunity for a reason!

Work assignments end for any number of reasons. Assuming the work ended in good faith, we will return you to our active assignment list, and work to find you suitable work opportunities.  Again, communication on both our parts is the key to another successful placement for you.

Candidates are invited to browse our current job openings for any available position through the convenience of our on-line information consideration process.

What we offer

Advantage offers employment opportunities in many
areas such as:

  • Open, transparent process

  • Weekly pay via direct deposit on Friday

  • All burdens are taken legally in compliance with payroll laws. No surprises at tax time

  • Clients that are screened for their Health and Safety Practices

  • Online access to timesheets, T4, personal information

  • Trained staff members in each of our physical offices

  • Three decades of being an ethical employer in our industry

  • Benefits are available

  • Employee programs for mental health, safety and wellness

  • Zero tolerance for violence and harassment for our employees

  • Clear first day instructions

Featured Job Openings

Warehouse Associate

Milton, Ontario

“We are looking for candidates to work in a fast-faced, team-oriented distribution warehouse! Successful candidates demonstrate high-energy .”

Forklift Operator

Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Accepting applications for a Forklift Operator to start as soon as possible with one of our well known and established clients.”

Warehouse Associate

Brampton, Ontario

“We are looking for candidates to work in a fast pace, team orientated distribution warehouse. Successful candidates demonstrate high…”

GZ / Class 5 Driver
with Air Brakes

Etobicoke, Ontario

“A great opportunity for stability and growth within a large transportation company with excellent equipment”