This information is prepared to acquaint you with the various phases of our operation, and general rules and procedures to be followed at all times while you are in our employ. Always bear in mind that the main product, which THE ADVANTAGE GROUP has to offer, is SERVICE. Successful operations depend upon capable employees. Our customers demand that the Company’s employees be efficient, neat, courteous and alert at all times.

Our client and the public, sees you as our representative, a professional person who is competent at what they do and always respectful of others. Let us be worthy of this respect and upgrade our own profession as well as the company’s name.

The importance of the rules and procedures contained herein cannot be over-emphasized. It is the responsibility of all employees to become fully acquainted with them and adhere to them at all times. Infractions of any rule or procedure will be reviewed by Management with appropriate action taken. If there is anything you do not understand in this Manual, ask your Supervisor about it. If you have any ideas or suggestions; let your supervisor know about them. We welcome your interest and co-operation.


Customers are the reason that this Company is in business. Our service has to be of the highest quality at all times. Employees are not to become argumentative, rude or discourteous at any time. Handle differences and complaints with diplomacy and do not offer unfounded excuses. Call your Personnel Consultant without hesitation if serious difficulties or disagreements are encountered with a customer. It is better to seek help before a situation gets out of hand.

As far as the Public and the Customer are concerned the Company Employee with whom he deals or observes on the job is the Company. Their actions reflect what they think of the Company. If you show a good attitude and a positive outlook the public and customer will enjoy this, and in turn will want to continue an ongoing relationship with you and your company.

Remember Good Customer Relations start with good Company Employee relations. Employees who are happy in their work will take pride in doing it well. Be an asset to your profession, show you have the Company’s best interest at heart; it can only help to improve your career.

Always show courtesy; remember the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). Think about it! Do you enjoy being cut off or having a door shut in your face? Resist the temptation to tell people what you think of them and try to see things from their point of view even if you think they are wrong.

Remember that politeness pays off, and most situations can be sorted out with a little consideration for the other person. We expect all our employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Remember again you are the person the public sees representing our company, your actions dictate what they perceive of us.

In order to look professional you must constantly be aware of your appearance and your actions. The company is judged by your appearance, your neatness and your diplomacy. Be proud of your profession and show this pride in your grooming. The professional always dresses the part; they keep themselves in good physical and mental conditions to deal with the rigors of their chosen profession. They attend work neatly dressed, clean- (beards & moustaches trimmed) and with their hair kept neat and tidy.

Whilst in the publics eye we expect you to use the utmost courtesy ,we expect you to control your actions, no abusive language, open doors for customers, greet people with a friendly attitude and always acknowledge comments or actions with politeness. Company image depends on you. A professional image will make you more socially acceptable. Be polite, punctual, take pride in your appearance, keep your equipment clean and tidy.

Yours truly

Stewart Sebben, President

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