It is the policy of our company that employees do not work under undue risk. You are not expected to use unsafe tools or equipment. Such are to be reported to your supervisor or Advantage dispatch immediately. Poor work habits, which could result in personal injury, must also be avoided.

Our company is concerned about your welfare and safety. All personal injuries should be reported to Advantage when they occur. Vehicle related accidents must be reported to Advantage and our Customer when they occur. Failure to do so can delay proper treatment or could result in disciplinary actions. It is the policy of Advantage to thoroughly investigate all accidents/incidents.

  • All drivers are to enter and exit cabs using the three point contact method.
  • All drivers are reminded to use their seat belts.
  • All drivers are to enter and exit from trailers in a safe controlled manner at all times.
  • All drivers shall suitably confine long hair to prevent it from becoming entangled or caught around moving objects.
  • All drivers are to wear proper protective wear including safety shoes or boots, gloves, glasses etc.
  • All drivers shall refrain from wearing bulky loose or dangling clothing, jewelry or rings that could become entangled or caught on any moving object.
  • All drivers are to wear proper seasonal wear to keep yourself comfortable while working, driving or waiting for service.
  • All drivers are reminded to lift properly without using their backs but instead by bending their knees and using proper and safe lifting techniques.


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